Women's month

Good day everyone

The month of August is women's month but I ask myself what does this month mean for an ordinary women who is working or a stay at home mom does this month benefit those women. I am happy that as a woman I can make my choices and I can choose any career I want and I am thankful for those women who fought for our rights. Because of them I am not impeded by anything in my life today.
I feel that as women we should not live our lives trying to prove ourselves to anyone but we must do our best in everything we do and reach for greatness and improve our lives and the lives of those who are in our society.
Here me wearing my broach in support of women's month.
And there is my broach and I believe that really women are strong so do not allow yourself to be put down by anything but be strong and strengthen those around you.
Happy women's month.
Thanks for reading.


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