Baby Shower

Good day everyone
Last Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my sister she expecting a niece that is a baby girl. I can't wait to see her.
I did a lot to make sure that the day will be perfect and it was to me because my sister was very happy which is what really matters to me. I love parties because they always bring families together and they create many memories.



Here is the décor done by my little sister, we had this baby shower at our back yard.


This is my sister very pregnant with my cousin, it was nice having her at the baby shower. 

These are the three sister from the left ; my sister and hair stylist her name is Coceka and in the middle is my other little sister and best friend and me.

The cake I got someone to bake it for me but my sister Coceka had to decorate it because it was not looking good.


Me and my baby shower outfit. I bought this dress from Identity clothing store and the shoes as well. They should have the dress but I doubt if they have the shoes because I bought them last year I think.
Thanks for reading and may God bless you.


  1. God bless you, too.
    I wish her safe delivery.
    P.S- You guys look amazing.
    P.S- When am I having my share of that cake? please don't tell me it's finished.
    Have a lovely day, sweetness.


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