My Creativity diary and my favourite magazine

Good day people

There is a saying that says "who fails to plan, plans to fail". I am not a go planner myself but my planning skills have improved with time and I am still learning to be a better planner every day. I am a step by step kind of a person everything I dream of I take baby steps to reach my dream especially those dreams that seem impossible, you feel overwhelmed even thinking about it so keep to my dreams alive I work towards them every day and that motives me and gives me faith that I will reach my dream sooner or later.

Today I decided to share with you my creativity diary which I love. This diary inspires to be creative, I love the exterior, I love travelling and fashion so this diary is just perfect for me. I got from True Love magazine as a free gift.

                                                           That how it is inside
the back

True Love magazine is my favourite magazine it inspires me to dream big and I enjoy reading it and I have been reading it for years. And it is nice receive my magazine every month you never no what to expect when you open it, its like opening a present every time.
I hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for reading.
God bless you


  1. The magazine looks beautiful.
    It's a nice thing to dream big.


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