My Monday Look and My new Shoes

Good day everyone

Today I am sharing my Monday look and I hope you like it. I love simple style and easy and comfortable style. I walk a lot during the day so its good for me to wear flat shoes and big heels because they are also comfortable for me to wear on those days I feel like wearing heels.
So here I am wearing my beige dress I know it looks white on the picture but it is beige. I got from my sister Linda and I do not know where she bought from.

The black jacket is from Identity clothing store and love this jacket and the bag as well is from Identity and I got both were on sale so I do not think they have them now.

I bought my earring from Legit clothing store. for less than R50.00.

The lipstick I have on is from Avon its old and I do not know I bought for how much and I am not sure they still have it. its kiss 'n go Colortrend. Its moisturizes the lips but it does not stay on as long as I would like.

My boots I love these boots I almost wear them everyday, I bought them from Identity, these boots are comfortable.

These heels I bought recently and whenever I want to wear heels I wear them because firstly they are black in colour so they go with most outfits I wear. 

I love the way they are designed.

They also have an elastic which makes them comfortable to wear throughout the day without them hurting your feet but on the first day I wore them I got blisters but I think with time my feet will be fine but they are comfortable to wear.

I love the cut outs and the heel and I am going to buy more shoes with big heels I saw one from Edgars and I will share with you guys when I buy it. And at Edgars I saw them for R300.00 and I bought for R340.00 and they still have them at Identity. I saw the at Identity in China Mall in South Beach and I bought at Identity Durban CBD.
Have a lovely day and thanks for reading.
God bless you.


  1. great outfit! :)

  2. Awesome. You look good and the shoes is beautiful, too.


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