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Thursday, 28 August 2014

My Simple Look With A Touch Of Colour

Good day everyone

First of all I would like to say thank you for your comments, they motivate me to do more to improve this blog and I hope we will grow together and please do not forget to share and recommend this page thanks.
Today I am sharing pictures I took yesterday with the help of Will Kwacha, thanks a lot man. I hope you will enjoy them as I did when I was taking them.

The necklace is from Identity.

I enjoyed the way the wind was blowing the skirt and we got perfect pictures. 

The earrings as well. 

I honestly forgot where I got the small jersey is I should call it that.

Floral top I bought it from a lady who sells clothes and she stocks in Johannesburg but I do not know where and I love it so much I got one more similar top.

 The belt I took from my Baby Shower outfit (Pink Dress).

 Shoes from Identity Clothing Store but I do not think they have them now.

They are comfortable I could not feel that I was wearing heels yesterday.

The skirt I got from my sister.
Thanks for reading and God bless you.

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Baby Shower

Good day everyone
Last Saturday I hosted a baby shower for my sister she expecting a niece that is a baby girl. I can't wait to see her.
I did a lot to make sure that the day will be perfect and it was to me because my sister was very happy which is what really matters to me. I love parties because they always bring families together and they create many memories.



Here is the d├ęcor done by my little sister, we had this baby shower at our back yard.


This is my sister very pregnant with my cousin, it was nice having her at the baby shower. 

These are the three sister from the left ; my sister and hair stylist her name is Coceka and in the middle is my other little sister and best friend and me.

The cake I got someone to bake it for me but my sister Coceka had to decorate it because it was not looking good.


Me and my baby shower outfit. I bought this dress from Identity clothing store and the shoes as well. They should have the dress but I doubt if they have the shoes because I bought them last year I think.
Thanks for reading and may God bless you.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Monday Look and My new Shoes

Good day everyone

Today I am sharing my Monday look and I hope you like it. I love simple style and easy and comfortable style. I walk a lot during the day so its good for me to wear flat shoes and big heels because they are also comfortable for me to wear on those days I feel like wearing heels.
So here I am wearing my beige dress I know it looks white on the picture but it is beige. I got from my sister Linda and I do not know where she bought from.

The black jacket is from Identity clothing store and love this jacket and the bag as well is from Identity and I got both were on sale so I do not think they have them now.

I bought my earring from Legit clothing store. for less than R50.00.

The lipstick I have on is from Avon its old and I do not know I bought for how much and I am not sure they still have it. its kiss 'n go Colortrend. Its moisturizes the lips but it does not stay on as long as I would like.

My boots I love these boots I almost wear them everyday, I bought them from Identity, these boots are comfortable.

These heels I bought recently and whenever I want to wear heels I wear them because firstly they are black in colour so they go with most outfits I wear. 

I love the way they are designed.

They also have an elastic which makes them comfortable to wear throughout the day without them hurting your feet but on the first day I wore them I got blisters but I think with time my feet will be fine but they are comfortable to wear.

I love the cut outs and the heel and I am going to buy more shoes with big heels I saw one from Edgars and I will share with you guys when I buy it. And at Edgars I saw them for R300.00 and I bought for R340.00 and they still have them at Identity. I saw the at Identity in China Mall in South Beach and I bought at Identity Durban CBD.
Have a lovely day and thanks for reading.
God bless you.

Monday, 25 August 2014

My new hair do

Good day everyone

Today I am so happy and I have a lot to share but I will hold myself and share the rest throughout the week. Today I am just going to share with you my new hair do and how I have been styling it.
On Friday I wore my animal print scarf which got from Identity clothing store and to compliment my look I wore my gold earrings which I got from Legit.
Here I basically change the way I wore the same scarf and I wore a black outfit and the black jacket I have on I bought it from Legit. And this was on Thursday.
Today and Sunday I styled my hair like this. I got this jacket from Identity it was in their winter collection and I got on sale I think it R450.00 and will share the whole outfit during the week.

On Saturday I wore this scarf I wish I took a picture of the scarf itself to how it looks like but I chose this scarf to got with my pink dress and this was my baby shower outfit. I bought this dress from Identity and paired it with my sandals from Identity as well.

Thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed today's post. God bless you

Friday, 22 August 2014

My hair do

Good day everyone

I hope you enjoyed my previous posts and I promise to post more exciting staff and I hope you will be with me all the way as this blog grows.
This week I am changing my hair style and I felt like sharing my old hair do and I will make a different post just for my new hair next week and I will also share some of my every day pallets and my blush brush in this post.

Maintaining natural her its not easy that is black women's hair. I wash mine three to four times a week on days I am not washing my hair I would use hair moisturizer which I will share another day and another oily product that made easier to comb my hair on those days. I kept it natural because I knew what I wanted to do on my hair at the time I could not afford to have it done so I waited. The positives of keeping natural hair is that they are not too hard to manage and are inexpensive to maintain. I will share new my hair next week Monday I hope you will like it.

In this post I decided to squeeze in my every day make up brush, lipstick and my eye shadow palette.
I use simple make up and I have not used many make up brands so I am not ready to write any review about the one I own and other brands so I feel like if I say anything to promote these my info would not be credible but I would like you share about blush brushes that you use and recommend. What I can say about mine is that it does the job and I got from Clicks cosmetics store. I got lipstick from Avon its pink and I got it at the time for R50.00 and the eye shadow palette I got from Legit I love neutral colours and I think anyone who just started using make up should start with neutral colours because I think its to risky to go for bright colours that you might not know how to use to complement each other. 
I forgot for how much I got the palette for from Legit but I am sure you can get it from any Legit store.
Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend mine is going to be busy as I am going to be hosting a baby shower and I will share as well next week. God bless you

Thursday, 21 August 2014

My Nail Polish Collection

Good day everyone

I hope you are enjoying your day so far, here in Durban its raining but its not cold that's the good part, I sort of enjoy this kind of weather than a scotching sun.
Today I want to share with you guys my nail polishes collection, I am not a huge collector and I am trying to get out of my comfort zone of wearing nude nail polishes and add some colour and its not easy. So the first step to change is to know what you want to change and I got that one and take action so I took a picture of all my nail polishes so that I can see if they are different from each other or the same or similar colours.
So I noticed that I have two very similar colours / shades and believe me when I was buying the Identity nail polish I forgot about the one I bought from Legit. The white nail polish I bought from Identity as well and the pink and the nude colour on the left I got these two from my sister. I have this habit of asking for her nail polishes when I got to her house and I think she has a great taste not only on nail polishes even on her clothes. I think I would ask for her whole wardrobe if I could lol. 

These two I bought two weeks ago but at Identity they only had these colours so I had no other option and I wanted to add on my nail polish collection.
These colours are Mauve(on the left) and Meriot(on the right) from Identity clothing store SA.
their website is
but I do not know if they have online.
I bought them for R29.00 each
The Meriot shade

I first apply this nail expert from Avon it strengthens the nail and also protect it from being damaged sometimes I only wear it when I do not have time to put on three coats and my nail polish lasts longer so I think this helps the nail polish to stay on longer.
Thanks for reading God bless you

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Positive thinking

Good day everyone

We all have heard the saying positive thinking can change you life but how does that happen. Positive thinking has to be continuous in order to show results and it works like this, if you think about positive things you attract positive things in your life, positive people as well and you heart or mind leads to act in ways that leads you to where you desire to be. There many times I have  found myself in situations that I thought about before they happened. When you think about something you eventually act on it whether its negative or positive. I believe in prayer but even prayer alone without you thinking positively about what you prayed about wont get you the answer you so desire try it change your thoughts and see if you wont be much happier than you are now and surely your attitude will change towards your surroundings.
You do not need anyone to be happy but yourself and your mind and having faith in God helps especially when you need a supernatural intervention in your life.

But there is one fact that I cant deny buying yourself a good bag does lift up a girls self esteem and mood.
Thank you for reading and God bless you.
Bag: Identity Clothing store in SA

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

My Creativity diary and my favourite magazine

Good day people

There is a saying that says "who fails to plan, plans to fail". I am not a go planner myself but my planning skills have improved with time and I am still learning to be a better planner every day. I am a step by step kind of a person everything I dream of I take baby steps to reach my dream especially those dreams that seem impossible, you feel overwhelmed even thinking about it so keep to my dreams alive I work towards them every day and that motives me and gives me faith that I will reach my dream sooner or later.

Today I decided to share with you my creativity diary which I love. This diary inspires to be creative, I love the exterior, I love travelling and fashion so this diary is just perfect for me. I got from True Love magazine as a free gift.

                                                           That how it is inside
the back

True Love magazine is my favourite magazine it inspires me to dream big and I enjoy reading it and I have been reading it for years. And it is nice receive my magazine every month you never no what to expect when you open it, its like opening a present every time.
I hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for reading.
God bless you