My Nail Polish Collection

Good day everyone

I hope you are enjoying your day so far, here in Durban its raining but its not cold that's the good part, I sort of enjoy this kind of weather than a scotching sun.
Today I want to share with you guys my nail polishes collection, I am not a huge collector and I am trying to get out of my comfort zone of wearing nude nail polishes and add some colour and its not easy. So the first step to change is to know what you want to change and I got that one and take action so I took a picture of all my nail polishes so that I can see if they are different from each other or the same or similar colours.
So I noticed that I have two very similar colours / shades and believe me when I was buying the Identity nail polish I forgot about the one I bought from Legit. The white nail polish I bought from Identity as well and the pink and the nude colour on the left I got these two from my sister. I have this habit of asking for her nail polishes when I got to her house and I think she has a great taste not only on nail polishes even on her clothes. I think I would ask for her whole wardrobe if I could lol. 

These two I bought two weeks ago but at Identity they only had these colours so I had no other option and I wanted to add on my nail polish collection.
These colours are Mauve(on the left) and Meriot(on the right) from Identity clothing store SA.
their website is
but I do not know if they have online.
I bought them for R29.00 each
The Meriot shade

I first apply this nail expert from Avon it strengthens the nail and also protect it from being damaged sometimes I only wear it when I do not have time to put on three coats and my nail polish lasts longer so I think this helps the nail polish to stay on longer.
Thanks for reading God bless you


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