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Good day everyone

I hope you enjoyed my previous posts and I promise to post more exciting staff and I hope you will be with me all the way as this blog grows.
This week I am changing my hair style and I felt like sharing my old hair do and I will make a different post just for my new hair next week and I will also share some of my every day pallets and my blush brush in this post.

Maintaining natural her its not easy that is black women's hair. I wash mine three to four times a week on days I am not washing my hair I would use hair moisturizer which I will share another day and another oily product that made easier to comb my hair on those days. I kept it natural because I knew what I wanted to do on my hair at the time I could not afford to have it done so I waited. The positives of keeping natural hair is that they are not too hard to manage and are inexpensive to maintain. I will share new my hair next week Monday I hope you will like it.

In this post I decided to squeeze in my every day make up brush, lipstick and my eye shadow palette.
I use simple make up and I have not used many make up brands so I am not ready to write any review about the one I own and other brands so I feel like if I say anything to promote these my info would not be credible but I would like you share about blush brushes that you use and recommend. What I can say about mine is that it does the job and I got from Clicks cosmetics store. I got lipstick from Avon its pink and I got it at the time for R50.00 and the eye shadow palette I got from Legit I love neutral colours and I think anyone who just started using make up should start with neutral colours because I think its to risky to go for bright colours that you might not know how to use to complement each other. 
I forgot for how much I got the palette for from Legit but I am sure you can get it from any Legit store.
Thank you for reading, have a lovely weekend mine is going to be busy as I am going to be hosting a baby shower and I will share as well next week. God bless you


  1. Wish you an explosive weekend, Nandi.
    Looking forward to seeing your new hairdo, am sure it would be magical.
    I blog here now.


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