My simple night routine

Hi everyone

Today I would like to share my night routine. I am currently using Vaseline Blue seal on my face after washing my face with Johnson's Fair Complexion cleansing bar which I am happy with at the moment. I do not have a sensitive skin so I use almost any product on my face without having any skin problems but after using Johnson's Fair Complexion cleansing bar and Johnson's Fair Complexion day moisturizer my skin has become more even and brighter.
Vaseline makes my skin soft and I have found that it heals quickly any scares like broken pimples and keeps my skin clear.
Johnson's Fair Complexion Cleansing Bar removes my makeup and leaves my skin soft.
This is me after washing my face and moisturized it.
Vaseline from any cosmetics store or grocery store
Johnson's Fair Complexion Cleansing Bar; I buy it from Pick n' Pay and Clicks
Thanks reading and God bless you.


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