Positive thinking

Good day everyone

We all have heard the saying positive thinking can change you life but how does that happen. Positive thinking has to be continuous in order to show results and it works like this, if you think about positive things you attract positive things in your life, positive people as well and you heart or mind leads to act in ways that leads you to where you desire to be. There many times I have  found myself in situations that I thought about before they happened. When you think about something you eventually act on it whether its negative or positive. I believe in prayer but even prayer alone without you thinking positively about what you prayed about wont get you the answer you so desire try it change your thoughts and see if you wont be much happier than you are now and surely your attitude will change towards your surroundings.
You do not need anyone to be happy but yourself and your mind and having faith in God helps especially when you need a supernatural intervention in your life.

But there is one fact that I cant deny buying yourself a good bag does lift up a girls self esteem and mood.
Thank you for reading and God bless you.
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  1. Lovely post

  2. Awesome! Show me a happy and I will tell you his secret- he's a positive thinker.
    Thanks for this, dear.


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