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Skin Care

Good afternoon everyone Well as promised today I will share what I have been using to meet the needs of my skin at the age now I am. About 2 years ago I started noticing blemishes on my face and growing up with a flawless skin this was a big deal for me and it affected my self esteem and while going through that I saw an ad. about Nivea' s moisturising cream with SPF30 but could not find it so settled for SP15 and after using it I saw a difference in my skin. My face started being brighter and blemishes less visible so I was happy. While I was happy saw an advert on my favourite magazine of Nivea's 3 in 1 matifying cleanser so I went and bought it and used it as a mask as this one of it's functions. Now I am so happy with my skin so I said to myself after seeing their cleanser and toner on Youtube Nandipha you better get it and can you imagine now I feel even better about my skin. Got the night cream as well, Maybe I will touch on skin care again because there are…

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