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My March

Good morning everyone I hope are all good. I know this post is way over due. Had a busy March, not only did I go to a wedding it was also my birthday month so you can imagine. I am basically going to share all my March highlights because it was a big month for me and many things I am excited about happened. I am not sure if I shared that I started 2 business at the beginning of this year but if I didn't I will share more about these businesses as the year progresses. I received my first stock of bags I am selling so the following pictures will of those bags. I took this one for myself and that really helped me advertise my bags and I started getting clients and now I really feel like I am in business. This is one of my favourite clutches that I have in stock at the moment. Enough about business, here is what I have been up to. I have done some cooking, cooked one of the recepes I got from My recipe book. This one I cooked in February. Here is what I cooked in March. …

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