Beauty Tips

Good day everyone Today I want to share with you beauty tips that work for my skin and hopefully will help someone. First of all I think that we all have different skin types and our skin react to the food we eat differently, the environment we live in and the seasonal changes we experience. I am not a beauty guru so I no expert but I am sharing what I experience from my own skin. I think it is important to know your face skin type and I learnt about my skin type from magazines and how to take care of it. My skin type is combination skin which means I get oily on my T-Zone so when I buy products that are for combination skin. The kind of food I eat is important for me as I have learnt that when I eat oily food and sweet food I mean food that contains sugar my skin breaks out especially on the forehead so I avoid eating this kind of food on a daily basis. I am not saying I do not eat it at all as I eat it now and then but on a daily basis I eat fruits and savoury food. So I think if you find out that certain foods have a bad effect on your skin you should not insist on eating that food or be ready to deal with the result. Now if the problem is the environment then that is hard to change as I only found this out when I left home for another city but the changes for me have been temporary and soon my skin adopts to the environment. Seasonal Changes I use the same products for all four seasons because I feel the products I am using on my face have been giving me good results for all four seasons so I have not seen a need for me to change them but it has been advised that we change face products especially when are going into winter season. Skin products: I personally think its good to try new products now and then but use one product at a time that is if you are using Johnson’s Healthy skin products like me use them until you finish the products for you to see if the products are working for you or not. On my next post I will share with the products I am using on my face. I hope you learnt something.
Have a wonderful week.


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