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Monday, 29 September 2014

Tailored top : Playing around in the office

Good day everyone I hope you had a wonderful weekend and mine was pretty busy and I am still not sure if I had enough sleep but I am hoping for a great week ahead. Last week I really wanted to show you guys this top which I got it tailored with a skirt and if you want to see the skirt you can see it on my "Tailored skirt and stripped jersey" post, the skirt goes with this top. I hope you enjoy pictures.
Pants : Edgars Earrings: Legit Shoes: Truworth Thank you for reading and God bless

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Heritage Day

Good day everyone On the 24 of September every year here in South Africa we celebrate Heritage Day. For me this day means that every human being is special no matter where they are from and regardless of their culture, religion, skin colour, language and beliefs and I am happy that our diverse country celebrates this day. South Africa has been through a lot and for us to come together and celebrate each other's difference its a wonderful thing. My facebook page has been full of colourful pictures as me and some of my facebook friends wore our traditional attire. And I thought of sharing pictures I took on Heritage Day with you, I am wearing a Xhosa traditional attire as I am a Xhosa woman. Enjoy..
The white dots on my face is a face decoration we do, I did not put much decoration as I needed a simple look but this is done in many ways. It can be more or less dots and different shapes of decoration on your face. T-Shirt : Old Attire : Tailored Thank you for reading, have a lovely week.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Ushaka Marine: Maxi Skirt & Lace

Good day everyone It seems like forever since I wrote anything. I had a wonderful relaxing weekend and I hope you had a even better weekend. Today I am sharing a day out with my sister and we had so much fun.
Maxi Skirt : Tailored Lace top : Identity Sandals : Old( Identity) Thank you for reading.

Monday, 15 September 2014

My Suit

Good day everyone

I love buying suites you can wear it or break it up by pairing each item with something else but its also not easy to find a nice and affordable suite. Its fun for me to mix and match my clothes and I get excited every time I find an item to add excitement to my suite. 

 I had some much fun taking these pictures I have been trying to find new poses to make my pictures fun to look at I hope you like these. Have a wonderful week.

Suite : Identity Clothing Store
Top: Old
Thanks for reading.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Tailored Skirt and Stripped Jersey

Good day everyone

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, I did. I took my little sister out and we had fun and peaceful weekend.

Today I would like to share this out fit. I love how black and white strips can make a solid colour to stand out.

 I am a person who loves a minimum look and lately I have been trying to inject some colour in my look and it has been working for me so far. I got this skirt tailored with a top but I love to break up outfits like these and its fun creating different looks using one item and if you do not have enough clothes as we women are always complaining about not having clothes then you should start experiencing by using items that you already have to create different looks and sometimes even colours you think do not go well with each other and ask someone else's opinion you will be surprised what you come up with and believe me some people will think you bought something new.

Earrings : Identity Clothing Store 


Jersey : Legit Clothing Store

 Top : Legit Clothing Store

Shoes: Identity Clothing Store

I hope you enjoyed  the post. Have lovely week and God bless you.