My Chair and Storage Boxes

Hello everyone
I hope you had a wonderful weekend this Saturday I went jogging with my sister for the first time in 2014 and maybe you made New year's resolutions in the beginning of the year but you have not done what you put your mind at the time to do or you started and you gave up along the way. I am here to tell you today its never too later to start or start again.
On Sunday after church I picked up some few items and I thought of sharing them with you today.
Storage boxes when I went inside Jet store I was not thinking about storage at all but as I recently moved out from where I was staying to a new place I have been decorating my room bit by bit so every time I find something nice and goes with my room's colour scheme I pick it up. 

I got these from Jet only for R35.00 and I did not believe it myself. 
By the till area I took these nail polishes only for R10.00 each and Vaseline for R3.00 only.

I have not used these nail polishes so I will tell you more about them in another post.

And the reason I went in Jet store as to pick up this chair, I love this chair its light and easy to carry so I can go to the park or camping with it and also use at home.

I bought everything from Jet and I bought this chair for R179.99.
So if you have a small space and you want it to be neat and comfortable to stay in visit Jet.
Thanks for reading God bless you.


  1. That chair is beautiful, Nandi.
    How have you been?
    Do you know that am still waiting for my own share of that baby shower cake?

    1. Thanks for dropping by, eish the cake is no more.hahaha


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