My every day makeup look


Wearing make up is something new to me so I am learning every day but after using it, it has become my habit to wear it every day. Many people say I do not need to put on much make up, earlier this month I went to buy a mascara and I started asking the lady at the store about different makeup products and she said I do not need to put that much makeup.
What people do not get I do not wear makeup to cover up anything but I wear it for a flawless look and I feel good about myself after putting makeup but it does not mean that I feel ugly without.
And the funny thing someone suggested that I use makeup because I was like a tom boy who did not care if my face was oily or not but now it has become my habit. So that proves to me that anyone can change if they want change something.
Think about it.
I wore a Revlon foundation and powder and I do not remember which one exactly because they are all finished but now I am using Revlon colorstay for combination / oily skin 007 toast hale that matches my skin tone and my powder is from Revlon as well and its a new complexion 19 toast and it helps me a lot because I become oily by the nose and fore head as I have combination skin and these two minimizes the oiliness.
I used this blush from Avon

This is the powder I use now

This is the foundation I use as well.

Thanks for reading and please tell me why you wear makeup.


  1. Great info, my lady will be more than grateful for this.
    I blog here

  2. You look stunning

  3. Thanks for reading @Sophia I am following your blog already and I loved the last post and I will keep on learning some tips from u as I am new at blogging. Chris I will checkout your blog as well and I will see if I like it and I will follow it as well if I do.


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