My Hygiene Basics

Hi everyone I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today I just want to share with you some of my favourite hygiene basics.
Happy Monday

I love my Yardley anti-per spirant deodorant, I love the container/ packaging and it dries quickly.

Clorets is one of my favourite breath freshener gum but from time to time I use Dentyne as well from
  Dentyne I love their strawberry flavor.
I have no favourate brand but I think everyone should own ear buds.

I love these hand wipes, when you wipe you hands they really feel clean and I got them only for R10.00 only and they leave your hands moisturised.
These products you can get from any grocery store
Thanks for ready and God bless you


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  2. Very thoughtful of you.
    Those are essential hygiene products I think everyone should have.
    Nice one, Nandipha, and have a an explosive week.
    Yeah, one more thing. You have a lovely smile. Very infectious I must say.


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