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Friday, 20 July 2012

Stand Still

Most of the time we want to do something to fix but it is hard to stand by and watch things happen especially things we have no control of but God. Sometimes we talk when we are suppose to be silent and keep quiet when we are suppose to talk, we do what we want and what we do is not always best or said at the wrong time or in a wrong way because of lack of direction. It is hard not knowing what to do but what makes everything way better for me is to give everything God's hand and sometimes I do not get the answer as soon as I want and during that time I do nothing but give the situation in God's freind and I listen.

I learnt when I have done things this way I have direction and my direction is God, I am not know what is the way forward after a lose, tragedy and pain but when I am looking at God the future always looks brighter and I work on things that I am able to do and leave the ones I can't change in His hands. I pray for courage to put in practice what God tells me to do when He told me or shown me. I know that is God when I have the certainity inside me that it is Him that is speaking and He always give me strength to do what He needs me to do and the results are always better than what I would have had if I went on did things my way.

God is near stand still, trust Him know He is God. He will never leave nor forsake you. He said even if a mother should forget her child He will not forget us. He is the almighty, covers our shame, He said we will remember the shame of our youth no more that is the past because He has made us new beings who live and direct ourlives according His will.

I love you saviour, I will stand still until you tell me what to do, when you have made my path straight so that I can walk through.

Monday, 9 July 2012


I learnt that when you do not allow God to fight for you, you fight for yourself. Everyone becomes your enemy, its you against them but when you let God fight for you, you becomes an enemy to noone, when I say you have no enemy, I am not saying everyone loves you and everyone agrees with you but you love everyone, you respect everyone but you might not agree with everyone but that does not make them your enemy. When you have enemys it is hard to make peace, you even say that you have made peace but what kind of peace that you are not free to express yourself with, you can not talk to certain people.
I talk to everyone and the one who does not talk to me have one difficult task of answering me when I talk to her.
Lets seek godliness above all things, showing who we are does not realy end anyway and you lose joy, love and friendships in the process and the ones you have will final see you for who you are and leave if you do not change.
Lets love in truth.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

The decisions we make

Decisions decide our results, will we have joy or sadness. I pray about the decisions that I make almost every day becuase it is eay to choose what we think its best but sometimes even our knowledge and wisdom disappoints us. Making decisions with God involved, we get the best results or better than what we would have reaped if we did it what seems best. Making a decision knowing that is with you eliminates many things fear, doubt and you have no regrets.

That is why in proverbs 31 there is a verse tha a woman of God laughs at tomorrow, you move forward with no fear becuase the almighty God is with you and He is greater than your worst fear and so you have peace with in you and joy, a joy that is not brought by a blessing of any sort whether the blessing is there or not the joy and peace is there becuase God is your peace, security and the meaning of your life. The more I tal about Him ther more I fall inlove with Him, Oh my God may your love grow each day within me so that it can not be just in my heart but be in the hearts of those I meet, talk to, stay with and in those who come across what I write.

Love, God is love.