I learnt that when you do not allow God to fight for you, you fight for yourself. Everyone becomes your enemy, its you against them but when you let God fight for you, you becomes an enemy to noone, when I say you have no enemy, I am not saying everyone loves you and everyone agrees with you but you love everyone, you respect everyone but you might not agree with everyone but that does not make them your enemy. When you have enemys it is hard to make peace, you even say that you have made peace but what kind of peace that you are not free to express yourself with, you can not talk to certain people.
I talk to everyone and the one who does not talk to me have one difficult task of answering me when I talk to her.
Lets seek godliness above all things, showing who we are does not realy end anyway and you lose joy, love and friendships in the process and the ones you have will final see you for who you are and leave if you do not change.
Lets love in truth.


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