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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Animal Print and Baby Blue Pumps

Good day everyone I hope you had a wonderful weekend, mine was hectic and on Monday I was exhausted and I finally had my rest Monday night so I am refreshed today. I am not a good person to be around when I am tired as I am lazy to do any thing and I choose to do what I have to do and even when it comes to speaking I only speak when I have to hahaha so I hope you get what I am saying, its hard for me as well I wish I did not get exhausted but I do. Today I want to share with you what I managed to do with the blue pumps/ballerina I posted last week on my "My Favourite Shoe and New Addition to my Shoe Collection", those who read it would remember that I wrote that I had difficulty pairing it with other colours as when I buy shoes I always go for the neutral colours because I am scared to mix and match bright colours so I have been experimenting little by little as I know bright colours can easily go wrong in an outfit. On Tuesday last week as I was choosing clothes to wear I saw that I had a nude colour outfit so I wanted to add some colour and I thought of my pumps and added a scarf. I hope you will enjoy the look.
Here I have a small jersey and underneath I have a lace top same on "Ushaka Marine: Maxi Skirt and Lace Top"
I love animal print and this scarf adds character to this outfit.
The whole outfit, pants are the same as on the post "Tailored Top: Playing around in the Office"
Pants : Mango pants from Edgards Have a lovely week ahead and please let me know what you think about my outfit and next time I will be matching my red pumps/ ballerinas.

Monday, 20 October 2014

My favourite Shoe and new addition to my shoe collection

Good day everyone Today I am sharing one of my favourite shoe with you and recent shoe buys.
This is one of my favourite pair from the shoes I own, this shoe is comfortable for me to walk around all day, although the heel is a little bit higher than I would like as I feel tired by the end of the day after wearing it so I normally wear it once or twice a week and wear a flat shoe or a less tiring shoe for the rest of the week. I got from Identity
I got this shoe from Identity as well, I love the tan colour because its similar to my own skin complexion and its easy to wear this colour with any other colour. I love this sandal because it comfortable and I can wear on those days I do not feel like wearing a heel. I love the single strap on it.
I love the gold detail.
I love the zip at the back because I am a bit impatient after a long day when taking off my shoes so that helps a lot.
When I bought this shoe I really went out of my comfort zone and till now its been difficult to wear it with my clothes but as soon I find something I will sure share with you. I bought it because I just loved the baby blue colour and I needed more flats.
I love the bow detail and they are just so cute. Pumps: Kelso from Edgards I hope you enjoyed the post although it is a bit lengthy compared to my other blog posts. Have a lovely week.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Orange Blazer

Good day everyone Today I am sharing with you an orange blazer, I bought this blazer last year on sale and I did not plan to buy it but I could not miss such a bargain and I have no regrets buying it, this blazer brighten my dark colours and me being scared of wearing bright colours and this is one item that helped me to bring colour in my wardrobe.
These pictures were taken on Sunday at church so I too this opportunity to take pictures with my friends and we had fun. I hope you enjoyed today's blog and thanks for reading. Blazer : Legit Skirt : Identity Shoes : Identity ( These shoes are so comfortable and you can see that I wear them in most of my blog posts)

Monday, 6 October 2014

Polka Dots

Good day friends I wish you a blessed week and may you succeed in everything you do this week. Today I am sharing one of my favorite skirts, I am in love with polka dots: I love polka dots on skirts, dresses and blouses. I have a skirt and dress already and I am going to buy a blouse soon.
On this day the weather was not good for us to take nice pictures so these four pictures are the only pictures that were good to upload. I hope you enjoyed the post. Shoes : Identity Sweater: Identity Necklace : Identity