Orange Blazer

Good day everyone Today I am sharing with you an orange blazer, I bought this blazer last year on sale and I did not plan to buy it but I could not miss such a bargain and I have no regrets buying it, this blazer brighten my dark colours and me being scared of wearing bright colours and this is one item that helped me to bring colour in my wardrobe.
These pictures were taken on Sunday at church so I too this opportunity to take pictures with my friends and we had fun. I hope you enjoyed today's blog and thanks for reading. Blazer : Legit Skirt : Identity Shoes : Identity ( These shoes are so comfortable and you can see that I wear them in most of my blog posts)


  1. Lovely bright and beautiful blazer, and beautiful ladies in the pictures.

  2. Love love your outfit, you look dapper and lovely
    Afolabi Tosyne's blog

  3. A great look you have there...


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