My favourite Shoe and new addition to my shoe collection

Good day everyone Today I am sharing one of my favourite shoe with you and recent shoe buys.
This is one of my favourite pair from the shoes I own, this shoe is comfortable for me to walk around all day, although the heel is a little bit higher than I would like as I feel tired by the end of the day after wearing it so I normally wear it once or twice a week and wear a flat shoe or a less tiring shoe for the rest of the week. I got from Identity
I got this shoe from Identity as well, I love the tan colour because its similar to my own skin complexion and its easy to wear this colour with any other colour. I love this sandal because it comfortable and I can wear on those days I do not feel like wearing a heel. I love the single strap on it.
I love the gold detail.
I love the zip at the back because I am a bit impatient after a long day when taking off my shoes so that helps a lot.
When I bought this shoe I really went out of my comfort zone and till now its been difficult to wear it with my clothes but as soon I find something I will sure share with you. I bought it because I just loved the baby blue colour and I needed more flats.
I love the bow detail and they are just so cute. Pumps: Kelso from Edgards I hope you enjoyed the post although it is a bit lengthy compared to my other blog posts. Have a lovely week.


  1. Lovely collection.

  2. These are lovely shoes.

  3. You are so lucky to be going into summer. Winter has kicked off over here. I am loving my boots, though I miss wearing ballerinas ;)


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