Polka Dots

Good day friends I wish you a blessed week and may you succeed in everything you do this week. Today I am sharing one of my favorite skirts, I am in love with polka dots: I love polka dots on skirts, dresses and blouses. I have a skirt and dress already and I am going to buy a blouse soon.
On this day the weather was not good for us to take nice pictures so these four pictures are the only pictures that were good to upload. I hope you enjoyed the post. Shoes : Identity Sweater: Identity Necklace : Identity


  1. Beautiful skirt and necklace.

  2. Keep calm and love Nandipha! ...you got my love, dear and you know what? I am calm.
    Yeah! You've not failed to make a strong statement in your display of outfits.
    Nice combo and you are beautiful, too.


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