Heritage Day

Good day everyone On the 24 of September every year here in South Africa we celebrate Heritage Day. For me this day means that every human being is special no matter where they are from and regardless of their culture, religion, skin colour, language and beliefs and I am happy that our diverse country celebrates this day. South Africa has been through a lot and for us to come together and celebrate each other's difference its a wonderful thing. My facebook page has been full of colourful pictures as me and some of my facebook friends wore our traditional attire. And I thought of sharing pictures I took on Heritage Day with you, I am wearing a Xhosa traditional attire as I am a Xhosa woman. Enjoy..
The white dots on my face is a face decoration we do, I did not put much decoration as I needed a simple look but this is done in many ways. It can be more or less dots and different shapes of decoration on your face. T-Shirt : Old Attire : Tailored Thank you for reading, have a lovely week.


  1. That xhosa trad attire is simple and beautiful on you...
    I hope you had fun?


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