The Older Me

Hi Everyone Happy New Year. I hope you enjoyed your holidays and have started settling back to work like me. It has been a every long time since I wrote anything hear and this year I determined to improve on what I have started hear. My work is taking a lot of my time and energy and also I was not focused on this blog as well because if I focused I would have made sometime to carry on posting. This year is the year to push myself to the next level, I will plan my time and commit to write at least once a month. Let me update you on what I have been up to all along. In 2015 I was adjusting to my new job and while doing that I was promoted and I had more responsibilities which led to me not having time at all and all I did was go out to relax and went to see new places around Durban and I truly enjoyed travelling and sad that I could not share it on my blog which initially was what I always wanted to do but I will share some of the pictures I took while travelling. I also changed my cosmetics and updated my wardrobe so I have lot to share and I will try to squeeze a bit of all of it in this blog but I will share in detail each topic later in the year. So this is going to be just a preview of what I have been up to so far and will be sharing more of my new experiences throughout the year as I am planning to travel and I have new clothes that I have not worn yet and new beauty products to share with you. Update on make up: I started using Rimmel which I very happy with and Mosaic Compact powder, I took sometime to spend with friends.
Become more drawn to African prints and still to buy more and also more anti-ageing products mostly been using Avon.
Finally bought good make up brushes from Avon and started eating much healthier after a long time, the last time I remember eating health before this is when I staying at home.
I bought a cook book/calendar to improve my cooking and to add vairity in my cooking.
Spent sometime with family and friends and I tell you I am so fulfilled, its amazing what spending time with those you love can do to you. And that's how I look now. Wearing Identity old clothes but still love them.
Started carrying sweets in my bag not sure if that's good but I came across these sweets and loved them and decided to keep them and buy them weekly now. And lastly started using Sensodyne to whiten my teeth and I think it's working because my teeth are more brighter but can't be sure because I have not received a compliment yet.
I hope that's not a lot to go through at one go, I tried not to write a lot, I hope I kept it short and interesting. Have a lovely weekend.


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