Buying on credit

Good day everyone

Today I would like to talk about our credit cards, clothing store account card etc. It is easy to swipe and shop until you drop dead but at the end of the day you pay that money back right?
I have been scared of these little monster for some years that I got 2 last year and I have been enjoying and do not misunderstand me they are helpful if you can manage your finances well, so I pay my accounts every month after my tithe and rent I run to pay these people because I do not want to be a bed debtors and I am mostly scared of those non stop calls that people always complain about if they miss a payment. This month I decided not to spend anymore and just when I was thinking that there was my monthly statement written you can increase you credit limit to such and such amount and that tempted me to break all my promises made to myself but I was strong I went to the retailer to pay my account and they asked me if I wanted to increase my credit and this was Sunday so I was much stronger than usual so I said no or leave it I will think about it although when I went in the store I spotted one orange blazer it was very nice, after leaving the store though I released I have one orange blazer although the one I have was different in design but I was not in need of an orange blazer. After some days it became more cold in Durban than usual and I thought about that credit so I went to the retail shop and I looked around and I could not find a nice jacket that I would like for myself and inside I said thank God but then the following day passing by I saw this nice jacket and I went in and I was very happy with it as I approached the till I said I need to increase my credit and the cashier swiped my card and said you do not have that option and I was like but my statement was written that I can increase my credit and I remembered that when I went to make my payment I did mention that I do not want to increase my credit / I will make my decision later on in the month but the cashier must have heard I do not want to increase my credit so that's why I am a bit confused myself.
Clearly you see that I did not win this battle because I was in negotiations all along so anyway I went back to work disappointed because I did not get the jacket I wanted and I thought about it and tried to make peace with not being able to buy that jacket but also feeling good that my credit limit was not increased. At least that battle was won even though I am not how, now the spending part went down the drain as I saw a black jersey and I do not have one and I have been wearing my black polo neck I do not want tell you how many days because of my dressing program that I have but I will talk about that some other day so this morning I went to buy that jersey and I thought to myself it must be cheaper than the jacket so I will get it and I was right it was way cheaper but when I went in only two were left in the store the one I saw on display and one on the shelf. The one I had was bigger than my size and the shop assistant said she is going to check the one on display and as she was checking I saw a jacket and as she was telling me the size of the one on display which was my size I already saw a jacket and I did not want the jersey anymore, the jacket was cheaper than the first jacket and I also bought warm stockings two of them so I am sad I took these things on account but I am glad that I will not be paying more on my installment because I did not spend over my credit limit.
The moral of the story is not to tell about my shopping but to make aware that living on debt is not good although we are tempted left and right lets fight to use less and less of our accounts and sometimes when you get more credit and you know how much you earn and other responsibilities you have so you do not need anyone to tell you, you are spending more than you can afford. I understand it is not easy and as you can tell from my story that my fight is far from over but I recognize that I need to fight my spending habits before its too late and I will continue the fight.
I tried to get a selfie with the jacket on lol.
Have a lovely day.


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