If look a little closer

The day has come an end and I am about to leave the office. I am tired from the week's work. This week I have been confused and saw how my life could change. It is amazing how things can change, people most of the time look at what they see at the moment and forget about the change that can happen between then and now. Thats why you as a person never allow what happened to you bring you and define who are whether how bad it was learn from it and leave it in the past and focus on who you want to be and make the necessary changes to be that person.

I admit life is not always a bed of roses but it is also a wonderful experiance to grow and learn and meet new people and experience different things and before you know it you have grown to this woman you always imagened yourself to be of cause you also recognise your weaknesses that you still need to work on but the joy of seeing God transforming you and now people might see the same Nandipha but you know everything has changed and that change is being transmitted all around you and people who are close to.... to be continued


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