The Fasting Of Daniel

In the church we are starting the fasting of 21 days seek God 's presence, His Spirit. It is a great opportunity for me and everytime it comes it feels like the first time for me, I guess it is because God is always taking us in other level in a relationship with Him. Now its time to overcome things that I have not managed to overcome till now.

God has changed my character a lot till now it make excited to know that He is able to groom me even more. I want to preach His word as I have been slacking in this area. I have been having many excuses, yes I have many things to do but as a christian no matter how busy we are, we can not be too busy that we can 't have time to save souls for His kingdom.

Why have I not been not evangelising to my full potential, it is because I lacked the courage to do it, ofcourse I can give many excuses to make me feel better about what I jus wrote but covered by those many excuses that I can give you the source is lack of courage. Do I fear people? no, then why I lack love to do it and I want God to give me that love to vengelise. I do not want to do it because I have to do, I want to understand its importance. I want when I evangelise to have a sincere desire for God to change the person's life as He has chnged mine and many others.

I used to be in love with God and many distractions came and without reliasing love disappeared and now I have given many excuses but I come this time to say my God make Nandipha to be in love with you. When you are in love you have no desire to hide but you want to tell everyone. I do not want to do the work of God as an obligation but I want to love what I do. I do not want to evangelise because of the position I have in the church, I want to evangelise because I God has opened my eyes and I want to rescue those who are blind as I was once was.

I can write all day but what I want to say if you read this by any chance God is real and Jesus Christ dead for your sins and He loves you He wants you back. The devil stole you but the is a way back to God which is Jesus Christ and I am sorry for all the time I did not have the courage to approach you because you looked fine in the nice car, expensive clothes and beautiful make up. Christians are not perfect but their desire is to be thats why we go to church as often as can, give many things that we want to do and we remain christians even when we made mistakes and people are ready to judge us and they say they do not want to be christains but remember christians are not JESUS CHRIST but they are following Him. When you are following it means you do not know the way but the one you follow knows and if you take your eyes from that person you might take the wrong direction but we refuse to stay in the wrong direction because we missed a step so it is your choice God bless. I am going in thi campaign in this faith, the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is all over the world so please come join us and seek the Holy Spirit with us so that we can overcome what impeded us to be like the one we follow Jeses Christ.

Love Nandipha


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